Baja California's Scenic Back Roads

Instant Mexico Auto Insurance Services understands the needs of Motorcyclists traveling into Mexico. Since 1973 we have been your ONE STOP CENTER providing insurance for all types of motorcycles. Our office provides both a drive through insurance service and a walk in lobby service.

"Mexican insurance can be purchased for 24 hour periods to provide for daily, weekly, and monthly insurance policies. Yearly insurance is the most economical.

Planning a Motorcycle trip into Mexico

Planning your trip to Mexico is similar to planning any other motorcycle trip. There are a few additional considerations, such as the proper documentation for the authorities. American tourism is one of Mexico's major industries.

From Our Baja Log - 2012 Tijuana Toy Run

Gabriel Gonzalez, recalls how he and a few others in the Solo Angeles motorcycle club began the tradition when they decided to bring a few toys to a Tijuana orphanage.

"We were 15 bikers, there were 15 toys and there were 30 kids," recalls Gonzalez, a truck driver who has ridden motorcycles for more than 35 years. "We gave them the toys and the kids who didn't get anything were left crying. We said "well, we'll make this grow for the following year." And the following year we were 50 bikers and there were just 35 kids. It was a really nice event and since then has grown a lot."

Baja hosts many off road races; Instant Mexico Auto Insurance has been insuring off road races since 1977. (see our baja off road racing page). Races insured include those by Score International, Record off-road, and Code Off-road. We provide the same assistance for those who need to file a claim to racers as we do to people who are enjoying a weekend in Baja. When considering where to buy insurance; consider that the prices are controlled by the Government of Mexico so you are deciding on who has the best set of services. Like buying gasoline when the prices are the same. When buying insurance for the races go thought the procedure setup by the race so that you do not buy two policies.

For off road biking Baja California is a paradise of scenic locations; See our San Felipe Off Road off road information near San Felipe.

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