Instant Mexico Auto Insurance Services understands the needs of off-road vehicle enthusiasts going to Mexico. We have been the Official Mexican Insurance Agent for Score International since 1973 providing them with all their Mexican insurance needs. Our ONE STOP CENTER provides, claim assistance and drive through instant insurance policies.

Baja is a paradise for off road vehicles, San Felipe Off Road Information, Mexicali, Ensenada, Rosarito; Off Road Vehicles include 4WD, Dune Buggies, and off road dirt bikes. Liability insurance is needed for these vehicles when they are on streets, or roads, (only street legal vehicles can be driven on streets or roads), and insurance is needed when they are being towed. If an accident happens without liability insurance on a street or road vehicles can be impounded, and criminal actions can be taken by the justice system.

Full Coverage

ACV or Actual Cash Value of your vehicle will be paid in the event of total loss, the ACV value based on Kelly Blue Book or NADA Guide.

For your Off-road vehicle insurance contact Instant Mexico Auto Insurance Services directly at 800-345-4701 to have a liability or full coverage policy issued. Inform "Instant Mexico Auto Insurance" about any customizations that increase the value of the vehicles beyond a typical vehicle.

"Mexican insurance can be purchased for 24 hour periods to provide for daily, weekly, and monthly insurance policies. Yearly insurance is the most economical.

Instant Mexico Auto Insurance is the official insurance for the following off-road races

Score International

Record Offroad Series

Code Offroad Racing



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