Mexican Insurance is required anything being towed. 5th wheel trailers or normal trailers, vehicles that can power themselves but are being towed: all need coverage. Vehicles that are being towed into Mexico but will be driven on roads in Mexico also need their own coverage while under there own power.

Since 1973 Instant Mexico Auto Insurance Services has been your ONE STOP CENTER providing insurance for all makes and models of vehicles and trailers. We understand the needs of people who vacation in Mexico. Our office provides both drive-up insurance service and a large parking lot that is set to accommodate any size vehicle trailer (boat) combination.

Mexican insurance can be purchased for 24 hour periods to provide for daily, weekly, and monthly visits to Mexico. Yearly insurance is the most economical.

Tips for traveling with a trailer in Mexico

  • Load Balancing
  • Look ahead for upcoming conditions
  • Roads
  • Check equipement

For a map of camp sites in Baja California see our Mexico Motorhome Insurance Page. Off Roaders see our Off Road Insurance Page.

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